Recovery Option for Embedded Systems

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Recovery Option for Embedded Systems

Securing embedded systems for emergencies

In most cases, the loss of data due to manipulation or corruption entails high consequential costs and great technical effort in restoring the data. ICP Deutschland offers system integrators and end customers a simple, bit-based and operating system independent backup and recovery solution to prevent precarious downtimes of embedded systems.

The combined hardware/software solution of the cooperation partner Waxar Data Saving Systems is already integrated in a USB stick. Thus, the system can be booted easily and directly from the USB stick and fully automated backed up and restored. Special IT knowledge is not required for this.

The underlying DeviceImage® technology is a bit-based backup solution. This has several advantages: It works independently of installed operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac) and is not bound by their updates, restrictions or rules. In addition, it can back up data in all system areas bit by bit without loss and is not dependent on data that only exists in file format. Only sectors containing current data are read, which speeds up the read and write process considerably.

After successful execution of the backup, the USB stick is immediately bound to the respective embedded system by the determination of specific software and hardware properties. This means that other systems with the same USB stick cannot be reset accidentally.

The Recovery option is available in four license levels with different performance levels. Upgrades include multiple backups, incremental or differential backup and 1024-bit encryption of all backed up data. The Ready-to-Use systems from ICP are offered with the basic backup solution "OneTime". Customer-specific default settings of the operating system and software updates can be saved once and restored indefinitely in an emergency.


  • ● Backup/Recovery software already integrated in a USB stick
  • ● Backup once or several times
  • ● Unlimited recovery through “intelligent restore” technology
  • ● Hardware bound
  • ● Independent of operating systems
  • ● Easy to use
  • ● Image full type


  • ● Backup-solution for Ready-to-Use systems
  • ● Customer specific data backup

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