AFL3 series

With the AFL3 panel PC series we offer industrial all-in-one touch panel PCs for diverse appliction areas.

7"-19" (widescreen) light industrial panel PC
IP65 protected front
mSATA slot
AT/ATX power mode
9-30V wide range DC input
Integrated speaker
IEI one key recovery
(recommended for a minimum of 4GB storage capacity)

Our modern All-in-One PC series AFL3 stands out for its high performance. All models are equipped with recent Apollo Lake, Skylake, Whisky Lake oder Bay Trail processors and can be operated without fan. The casing of our AFL3 panel PCs provides IP65 front protection and is very lightweight and due to that especially suitable for arm assembly. The display prone is only 2mm wide and offers no space for dirt accumulation.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


All-in-One PC 12.1"/XGA/i7/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 10.1"/WXGA/i7/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 10.1"/WXGA/Cel/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 13.3"/FHD/i5/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/WXGA/i7/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/WXGA/i3/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/WXGA/Cel/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/WXGA/i5/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/XGA/Cel/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/XGA/i3/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/XGA/Cel-J6412/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 13.3"/FHD/i7/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/XGA/i5/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 13.3"/Cel-J6412/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12.1"/WXGA/Cel-J6412/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 13.3"/FHD/i3/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 10.1"/WXGA/i5/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 10.1"/WXGA/i3/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 13.3"/FHD/Cel/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 10"/WXGA/Cel-J6412/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 7"/WSVGA/Cel-J6412/8GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC/7"/WSVGA/N2807/PCAP
Panel PC 12''/500cd/J1900/4GB/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 18,5"/WXGA/i5-8365UE/PCAP
Panel PC 7"/500cd/N3350/PC/4GB/PoE-PD
All-in-One PC 12,1"/500cd/J3455/PC/4GB/PoE-PD
All-in-One PC 15,6"/WXGA/i5-8365UE/PCAP
All-in-One PC 7"/500cd/N3350/PC/4GB/PoE-PD
All-in-One PC 18,5"/WXGA/i5-8365UE/PoE-BT/PCAP
All-in-One PC 10,1"/350cd/J3455/PC/4GB
Panel PC 12"/500cd/J1900/4GB/PCAP/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 10''/350cd/J1900/4GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 12''/500cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 15,6"/400cd/J3455/PC/4GB/PoE-PD
All-in-One PC 15,6"/400cd/J3455/PC/4GB
All-in-One PC 10,1"/350cd/J3455/PC/4GB/PoE-PD
All-in-One PC 21,5"/FHD/i5-8365UE/POE-BT/PCAP
Panel PC 12"/500cd/J1900/2GB/PCAP/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 21,5"/FHD/i5-8365UE/PCAP
All-in-One PC 10''/350cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 12,1"/500cd/J3455/PC/4GB
Panel PC 12''/500cd/J1900/4GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/J1900/4GB
All-in-One PC 12"/500cd/J1900/2GB/PCAP/anti-glare
Panel PC 8.4"/450cd/J1900/PC/2GB
All-in-One PC 18,5"/WXGA/i5-8365UE/PCAP
All-in-One PC 15,6''/300cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 15.6"/300cd/J1900/4GB/PCT/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/i3-4330TE/4GB/PCAP
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/i5-4570TE/4GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 12"/500cd/i5-6300U/4GB/PCAP/anti-glare
Panel PC 15.6"/300cd/J1900/2GB/PCT/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 18,5"/250cd/i5-6300U/4GB
Panel PC 12"/500cd/J1900/2GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 21,5"/FHD/Celeron® 3955U/4GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 8.4"/450cd/J1900/PC/2GB/AG
Panel PC 15,6"/400cd/i5-6300U/4GB/Mi-fare-RFID
Panel PC 21,5"/250cd/i5-6300U/4GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 12"/500cd/i5-6300U/4GB/PCAP/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/J1900/2GB/PCAP
Panel PC 8.4"/450cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 15,6"/WXGA/Core™ i5-6300U/4GB/PCAP
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/i5-4570TE/4GB/PCT/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 15,6"/WXGA/Core™ i5-6300U/4GB/RES
Panel PC 10"/350cd/J1900/4GB/PCAP/ATO
Panel PC 15,6"/400cd/Cel-3955U/4GB/Res-Touch/AG
All-in-One PC 15,6''/300cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/i5-6300U/4GB/PCAP
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/G3320TE/4GB/PCAP
Panel PC 12"/500cd/J1900/2GB/PCAP/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/400cd/i5-6300U/4GB/Res-Touch/AG
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/i5-4570TE/4GB/PCAP
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/Cel-3955U/4GB/PCAP
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/J1900/2GB
All-in-One PC 21,5"/WXGA/Core™ i5-6300U/4GB/PCAP
All-in-One PC 12"/500cd/i5-6300U/4GB/PCT/anti-glar
Panel PC 12''/500cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 8.4"/450cd/J1900/2GB
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/J1900/2GB
All-in-One PC 18.5"/250cd/Cel-3955U/4GB
All-in-One PC 15,6"/300cd/Cel-3955U/4GB/Touch
All-in-One PC 12''/500cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 21,5"/250cd/Cel-3955U/4GB/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 15.6"/300cd/J1900/2GB/PCT/anti-glare
Panel PC 7"/500cd/N2807/PC/4GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/G3320TE/4GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 10"/350cd/J1900/2GB/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/G3320TE/4GB/PCT/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 7"/500cd/N2807/PC/2GB/anti-glare
All-in-One PC 15.6"/300cd/J1900/2GB/PCT/anti-glare
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/i5-4570TE/4GB
Panel PC 15,6"/300cd/J1900/2GB

Additional information about All-in-One (AFL3)



Double graphics power

Our industrial AFL3 BT panel PC series offers twice as much graphics power as the predecessors with Atom processors.



A thin frame enables a flat installation and ensures a high-quality appearance.

DIV. interfaces


On the bottom of our AFL3 panel PC series, numerous interfaces like RS-232/422/485 are accommodated, USB 3.0, Dual GbE


Easy assembly

Only 2 screws have to be demounted to open the panel PC and to reach the RAM and HDD/SDD

Extended temperature range

Extended temperature range

Our industrial display solutions are adapted for application in extreme temperature ranges.


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