With our Touch Panel PC we offer you industrial systems for the automation of manufacturing and production, for the use as HMI or operating unit as well as for POS and KIOSK applications. On the one hand, we offer robust industrial panel PC series for the control cabinet, the 19 inch rack or the control panel. These models are splash-proof up to IP65 / IP66 / IP67 / IP69K and have an extended temperature range as well as easy panel mounting. Our Panel PC are available as X86 Windows version as well as RISC based Panel PC with Andriod.
On the other hand, we also have elegant fanless all-in-one PC solutions, which are primarily suitable for VESA mounting. Integrated camera and speakers as well as RFID reader and Bluetooth are just a few examples of the extensive features of our all-in-one devices.
Our industrial touch panel PCs and all-in-one PCs range from 4 to 24 inch display diagonals, with resistive or capacitive multi touch screen (PCAP), various processors from Intel Atom to Core I, stainless steel, metal or plastic housings, with or without SSD and many additional features. By default, our panel PCs usually have RAM which can be expanded to the maximum supported RAM capacity in the data sheet, USB controller and LAN interfaces.

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Panel PC 18,5"/1080p/i3-1220P/PCAP
Panel PC/21,5"/1080p/Cel. J6412/IP66+IP69K/RES
Panel PC/15"/EVGA/Pent. G7400/PCAP
Panel PC/19"/SXGA/i5-1245UE/IP66+IP69K/RES
Panel PC/15"/EVGA/i7-12700/PCAP
Panel PC 21.5"/400cd/Cel. J6412/8GB/PCT
Panel PC/19"/SXGA/i5-1245UE/IP66+IP69K/RES
Panel PC 19"/350cd/i3-12100/4GB/PCT
Panel PC 13,3"/1080p/i3-1220P/PCAP
Panel PC 13,3"/1080p/i7-1260P/PCAP

Additional information about Panel PC

What characterizes Panel PC?

Panel PC are equipped with a display, a touch screen and an integrated computer unit. They are predestined for use in industry. Multi touch touchscreen and IP65 / IP66 protection as well as a fanless design are standard for most models. Available are display diagonals from six to 24 inches, optionally in stainless steel, aluminum or plastic housing.
Our industrial panel PCs with or without touch screen are also available pre-configured and tested as ready-to-use systems with RAM, integrated SSD and operating system. With the help of our optional Recovery Tool USB sticks, it is possible to restore the delivery status at any time.

What types of Panel PC are there?

We distinguish between different designs and application areas and according to display diagonal and processor performance. AFL All-in-one PCs stand for modern, semi-industrial and PPC-F Panel PCs for robust, industrial Touch Panel PCs. The POC series is designed for medical and the SAILOR series for marine applications. The PPC-JWS Panel PC series is based on RISC technology. Arm mount Panel PC are suitable for use in packaging and food industry or as HMI and operator panel. Our industrial PPC-F Panel PC series is equipped with Intel Haswell or fanless Intel Baytrail processors and shines with an IP65 protected aluminum front. Our DM-F monitor series is the visually matching addition. Our AFL All-in-one PC series is suitable for universal use. In contrast to our Windows Panel PC, our PPC-JWS Panel PC series is equipped with RISC processors and comes ready-to-use with Android operating system. Also available are Panel PCs and housings for mounting arm installation, for medical use as well as for marine applications. Depending on the processor variant, our industrial touch screen panel PCs are installed in fanless housings or in housings with active cooling.

How do the touchscreen types differ in Panel PC?

Standard industrial panel PC and all-in-one PC come with capacitive (PCAP) or resistive (Res) touchscreens.
Resistive and capacitive touchscreens are two different types of touchscreens that work in different ways.

A resistive touchscreen consists of two thin layers separated by a thin layer of air. One layer is electrically conductive and the other is charged with an electrical voltage. When the screen is touched, the outer layer presses against the inner layer and thus changes the electrical resistance at the touch point. The exact position of the touch point is determined by measuring the electrical signals that are detected at the corners of the screen.

A capacitive touchscreen, on the other hand, is based on measuring capacitance. The screen consists of a glass pane covered with a thin layer of conductive material. When a voltage is applied to the layer, an electric field is created. When a conductive surface, such as a finger, enters the electric field, the capacitance of the field is changed. The position of the touch is determined by measuring the changes in capacitance at different points on the screen.

Capacitive touchscreens are generally more sensitive and responsive than resistive touchscreens. However, they require direct contact with a conductive material, such as a finger, to function. In addition, capacitive displays can be operated with multiple fingers simultaneously. Resistive touchscreens can also be operated with a stylus or other non-conductive material.

Which CPU for Panel PC?

Our touch screen panel PC systems are equipped with Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium as well as Core I or RISC processors. There are different chipsets and CPU generations to choose from, from Intel Baytrail to Intel Skylake and Intel Whiskey Lake. Depending on the processor, fanless operation is possible.

What are the mounting options for Panel PC?

Our touch industrial PCs are suitable for installation via VESA, wall and rackmount kit. In addition, our panel PCs can be mounted in stainless steel enclosures by support arm.

What are the application areas for Panel PC?

System integrators use our Panel PCs as a basis for solutions for their partners, end customers as HMI in production and logistics. If you need advice for your specific application, please do not hesitate to contact our technical sales or support. Our support will be happy to help you choose a suitable Panel PC for your company's application.

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