IP65 all around (UPC)

IP65 all around (UPC)
SBOX Marine certified panel PC

Robust panel PCs with complete IP65 protection

Equipped with Intel® Core™ I / Celeron® / Atom™ CPU
Full IP65 protection
Operating temperature up to -20°C ~ +60°C
Isolated CAN bus interface
Redundant power supply with
9V ~ 36V and 10.5V ~ 36V DC

Our UPC panel PC series is made of aluminum and is completely IP65 protected. The robust design and an extended temperature range from -20 to 60° Celsius are the reasons which make our UPC panel PC series to a perfect choice in rough environments. Various communication possibilities like GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN and RFID ensure a fast data exchange. A redundant power supply of our UPC panel PC protects from failure and data loss.

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