Panel PC

Panel PC

Our Panel PCs are All-in-One devices, i.e. they are equipped with a display, a touch screen and an integrated computer unit. We differentiate between different designs and application areas and according to display diagonal and processor performance. AFL Panel PCs stand for modern, semi-industrial and PPC-F Panel PCs for robust, industrial Touch Panel PCs. The POC series has been developed for the medical and the SAILOR series for the marine area. The UPC and INOX Industrial PC Series feature IP67 all-round protection and the IOVU Panel PC Series is based on RISC technology. Arm mount Panel PC are suitable for use in the packaging and food industry or as HMI and control panel.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


State Datasheet Unit Price
AFL3-12A-BT-J1/R/4G-R16 New Login
AFL3-12C-ULT3-I5/PC/4G-R12 New Login
AFL3-12A-BT-J1/PC/4G-R16 New Login
AFL3-12A-BT-J1/R/2G-R16 New Login
AFL3-12A-BT-J1/PC/2G-R16 New Login
PPC-JWS101-A210-JRK3399 Standard Login
PPC-F08B-BT-J1/2G/R-R11 Standard Login
AFL3-W07A-BT-N1/PC/2G-R20 Standard Login
P210-11KS-7600U Standard Login
POCm-W22C-ULT3-i7/PC/4G-R11 Standard Login

Additional information about Panel PC

Our Panel PCs are predestined for use in industry. Touchscreen and IP65 protection are standard on most models. Display diagonals from six to 24 inches are available, optionally in aluminium or plastic housing. Our touch industrial PCs are suitable for installation via VESA, wall and rackmount kit.

Our touch screen panel PC systems are equipped with Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium and Core I or RISC processors. Depending on the processor, fanless operation is possible.

Our Industrial Panel PCs with or without touch screen are also available preconfigured and tested as Ready-to-use systems with RAM, integrated SSD and operating system. With the help of our optional Recovery Tool USB stick, it is possible to restore the factory settings at any time.

System integrators use our PCs as a basis for solutions for their partners, end customers as HMIs in production and logistics. Our support will be happy to help you choose the right Panel PC for your company.

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