Semi-Industrial (DM-JWS/CLK-JWS)

Semi-Industrial (DM-JWS/CLK-JWS)

Semi industrial Display Series

With our DM-JWS series we offer semi-industrial displays for versatile applications.

7" to 19,5" screen size
Projected capacitive touchscreen
IP65 protected front
0 ~+50°C operating temperature
Thin beezel
Aluminium housing

Our DM-JWS series consists of strong semi-industrial monitors for VESA or wall mounting. The monitors have front IP65 protection and a display with 10 Point Capacitive Multi Touch. Our DM-JWS series is available in display sizes from 7" to 19.5" and is suitable for use at 0 ~+50°C.




State Datasheet Unit Price
DM-JWS191-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS101-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS116-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS173-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS121-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS080-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS156-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS215-M210 Standard Login
DM-JWS070-M210 Standard Login

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