Panel PC & Displays

Panel PC & Displays

Either panel PC or display, we offer systems for automation in manufacturing and production, as HMI or control unit as well as for POS and KIOSK applications. On the one hand, we offer you robust panel PC and displays for the control cabinet, the 19”-Rack or the control panel. Intrusion protection up to IP67 and an extended temperature range and simple panel assembly apply for these models. On the other hand, we have neat All-in-One PCs and fitting displays in our product range, which are especially suitable for VESA assembly. Integrated cameras and speakers, as well as RFID readers and Bluetooth are just a few examples for the comprehensive equipment of our All-in-One devices.

  State Datasheet Unit Price
BIS-W19C-ULT4-i5/PC/4G-R10 Announced Login
BIS-W19C-ULT4-C/PC/4G-R10 Announced Login
IOBA-10F-AD-ET-R10 Announced Login
S19A-QM87I-i5/PC/4G-R11 Announced Login
BIS-W19CF-ULT4-i5/PC/4G-R10 Announced Login
S19M-AD/PC-R11 Announced Login
AFL3-12C-ULT3-i5/PC/4G-R10 Announced Login
MMS-21C Announced Login
IOBA-10F-AD-R10 Announced Login
S24M-AD/PC-R11 Announced Login

Additional information about Panel PC & Displays

Our offer reaches from 4” to 24” display diagonals with resistive or capacitive touchscreen, with metal or plastic case and many other equipment features. If you need advice for your particular application, just contact our technical sales. Together we will find the right solution. 

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