Our mobile devices include industrial tablets, handheld and in-vehicle devices. In this category you will find compatible accessories like docking stations, protective covers, carrying bags etc. They perfectly complement our mobile computing products. 


Power cable/Cigarette lighter to Molex 5557/200cm
MODAT-531 Standard Pouch, black
Cable/I/O Connector for IKARPC/20P/300mm
Docking Station 6-Bay/15V/280W for POCm series
Cable/J1939/FMS for IKARPC/2000mm
Cable/I/O Connector for IKARPC/24P/300mm
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/WLAN&BT Kit f. IKAR
IKARPC 100 x 100 VESA Mount kit, RoHS
Cable/LAN for IRS-100-ULT3/1Ports/1000mm
Protective bag with shoulder strap
Accessory for Tablet-PC ND51/ND52/NB31/NB32
Smart Card Reader /USB2/ISO7816-1,2,3
Docking Station w/o Docking Adapter NT
Accessory for Tablet-PC ND51/ND52/NB31/NB32/NF21
Accessory for Tablet-PC ND51/ND52/NB31/NB32
Carrying bag For ICEROCK-08A
Cable/I/O Connector for IKARPC/24P/300mm
Accessory for Tablet-PC NF21
Accessory for Tablet-PC ND51/ND52/NB31/NB32
Protection rubber for ICECARE-10W
Protective bag w. shoulder strap, black
Battery Pack for ICEROCK-08A Series
Charging cradle with USB MODAT-531/532/550
Cable/Audio for IRS-100-ULT3/2Ports/1300mm
Cable/Video for IKARPC/8P/300mm
Option for Tablet-PC ND51/ND52/NB31/NB32/NF21
Accessory for Tablet-PC ND51/ND52/NB31/NB32
Plastic Protect Shell For ICEROCK-08A
Cable/I/O Connector for IKARPC/20P/300mm
GPS External Antenna for IKAR
VESA Mounting Stand for IKARPC 75x75/138mm
Docking Station for ICEROCK-08A Series
Modat-200 charging cradle
286mm 75/100 VESA mount stand for IKARPC-W10A
OBD-II Cable for IKARPC/2000mm

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