Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

The application of mobile devices for data collection steadily increases in the industrial market. Warehouse management via barcode, fleet management via GPS and 3G, as well as production data acquisition via RFID and machine monitoring via WLAN are just a few examples for this. We offer Tablet PCs, PDAs and CAR PCs , which are adapted for application under difficult conditions: vibrations and shocks, splash-water and falls – no problem for our mobile products. Additionally, the option of a central remote maintenance was taken into consideration.



State Datasheet Unit Price
IKARPC-W10A-BT-E3/2G/64G/WES7-KS-EA Standard Login
NB32 Standard Login
TPPC 3201 Standard Login
IKARPC-07A-BT-E3/2G-R12 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
ND51 G.2 Standard Login
NF21 - 7300U Standard Login
TPPC 2701 Standard Login
TPPC 2401 Standard Login
IKARPC-W10A-BT-E3/2G-R11 Standard Login
IVIEW-100-40 Standard Login

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