Universal (ECN/ECW/MB)

Universal (ECN/ECW/MB)
ECN/ECW series - universal embedded PCs

Our ECW/ECN embedded PC are popular all-rounder, which are used for various applications in industrial environments. They stand out for a fanless design, a compact construction form as well as numerous interfaces.

Fanless embedded PC
Compact dimensions
Intel® Core™ I / Celeron® / Atom™
Up to 6 COM ports
Up to 2 PCIe mini card extension slots
Versions with 12VDC and 9~36VDC deliverable
Ideally suitable for industrial automation



State Datasheet Unit Price
MB1-10AP-N4200-POE Announced Login
MB1-10AP-N3350 Announced Login
MB1-10AP-N4200 Announced Login
MB1-10AP-N3350-POE Announced Login
ECW-281BWD-BTI-J1/4GB-R10 Standard Login
ECN-360A-ULT3-i5/WD/4G-R10 (MOQ:50PCS) Standard Login
ECW-281BWD-BTI-J1/2GB-R10 Standard Login
ECN-360A-ULT3-CE/WD/4G-R10 (MOQ:50PCS) Standard Login
ECN-380-QM87i-i5/4G-R11 Standard Login
ECW-281BWD-BTI-J1/4GB/64GBSSD/WIN10IOT-KS Standard Login

Additional information about Universal (ECN/ECW/MB)



 From high-performance Intel® Core™ I up to economical Intel® Atom™ processors

For every purpose the right processor: from high-performance Intel® Core™ I up to economical Intel® Atom™ processors.


ECW series – flexibly extendable

Flexible extension options via HDD/SSD, SATA DOM, CF and PCIe mini cards.

12VDC or 9~36VDC

12VDC or 9-36VDC

Our ECW-281B/B2 Embedded PC can either be operated with 12 VDC or 9-36 VDC.



Due to the passive cooling of our universally applicable Embedded PC no fan is needed.

temperature range

Extended temperature range

Our industrial ECW/ECN series is adapted for application in extreme temperature ranges.

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