PCIe Mini Slot

PCIe Mini Slot

In this category you will find various embedded PC, which are extendable via PCIe mini card slot. From our especially robust TANK series, through our universally applicable ECN/ECW series up to our DIN rail PC and marine solutions: here you will find compatible solutions for diverse applications.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


State Datasheet Unit Price
IDS-310-AL-N1/4GB-R10 New Login
IDS-310-AL-J1/4GB-R10 New Login
DRPC-230-ULT5-i5/8G/S-R10 New Login
MB1-10AP-N4200-POE Standard Login
S310-11KS-7600U (BTO) Standard Login
S310-11KS-3965U-TB (BTO) Standard Login
ECW-281BWD-BTI-J1/4GB-R10 Standard Login
DRPC-120-BTi-E5-LED/2G-R10 Standard Login
TANK-620-ULT3-CE/4G-R10 (BTO) Standard Login
DRPC-130-AL-E1/4GB/64GBSSD/WIN10IOT-KS Standard Login

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