17" Panel Monitor/350cd/SXGA/PCT
12.1" Panel Monitor/600cd/XGA/PCT/anti-UV
15" Panel Monitor/450cd/XGA/PCT/anti-glare/UV
15.6" Panel Monitor/400cd/WXGA/PCT/anti-glare/UV
6.5" Panel Monitor/800cd/VGA/Touch
21.5" Panel Monitor/250cd/1080i/PCT
12.1" Panel Monitor/600cd/XGA/PCT/anti-glare/UV
12.1" Panel Monitor/600cd/XGA/Touch/anti-glare
15" Panel Monitor/400cd/XGA/PCT
19" Panel Monitor/350cd/SXGA/PCT/anti-glare/UV

Additional information about Industrial (DM-F)


7H anti-scratch

7H anti-scratch coating

The projected capacitive touch version of our DM-F series is equipped with a 7H anti scratch surface.

IP65 front


The IP65 front protection prevents the intrusion of dust and water. Consequently, our industrial displays are suitable for application in rough environments.

10 point multi touch

Multi touch

A 10 point multi touch allows simple and intuitive operation of our DM-F monitor series.

8mm thin frame

thin frame

An 8mm thin frame enables a flat installation and ensures a high-quality appearance.

Extended temperature range

Display solutions

Our industrial display solutions are adapted for application in extreme temperature ranges.

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