CPU Modules

CPU Modules

Under the sector CPU modules we summarized all CoM (Computer-on-Module) construction forms. These include the standards ETX, COM Express and Q7. The CPU modules are plugged in on corresponding carrier/base boards, which are developed right for your application and demands.

Matching accessories


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC


CPU for industrial Computer

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


State Datasheet Unit Price
ICE-ULT3-i3-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
IQ7-DB-MATX-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
ICE-BT-T6-J19001-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
ICE-ULT3-i7-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
iQ7-BT-E38251-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
ICE-DB-T7-I2-R11 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
ICE-ULT3-C-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
iQ7-BT-E38451-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
ICE-BT-T10-E38451W2-R11 (MOQ:200PCS) Discontinued Login
ICE-BT-T10-E38251W2-R11 (MOQ:200PCS) Discontinued Login
ICE-BT-T10-E38151W2-R11 (MOQ:200PCS) Discontinued Login
ICE-DB-T10-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Discontinued Login
ICE-DB-T6R-R11 (MOQ:200PCS) Discontinued Login

Additional information about CPU Modules

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