The combination of a CPU card and a backplane is more or less equivalent with a mainboard. The main advantages of the application of a backplane solution are the many different designs as well as the wide range of slots. Our backplanes are perfectly adapted for our CPU cards and fit the designs PICMG 1.3 and PICMG 1.0 as well as our half size designs PICMG 1.3 Half Size, PICOe (PCI + PCIe x4), PCISA and ISA. You have the choice between models with minimum 3 and up to 20 slots.

Matching accessories

CPU Cards

CPU Cards for industrial Computer


Storage for industrial PC


RAM for industrial PC

Add-on Cards

Add-on Cards for industrial PC


State Datasheet Unit Price
BP-5S-RS-R40 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
PE-10S2-R40 Standard Login
PCI-5SD6-RS-R40 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
BP-8S-RS-R41 Standard Login
PE-6SD3-R40 Standard Login
IP-5SA2-RS-R40 Standard Login
HPXE2-8S1-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
IP-4S-RS-R40 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
HPXE2-6S1-R10 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login
HPE-3S2-R41 (MOQ:200PCS) Standard Login

Additional information about Backplanes

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