In this category you will find suitable accessories for our industrial CPU boards and CPU cards. These include add-on and Riser cards, WLAN and IPMI 2.0 modules and diverse cables.


WLAN module/2T2R/single band
WLAN module/3T3R/dual band
Converter Board VGA to 24bit DC LVDS
TMP Module/V2.0/NPCT750/14Pin/SPI/Horizontal
TMP Module/V2.0/NPCT750/16Pin/LPC/Horizontal
Infineon 20-pin TPM 2.0 Modul with Software/SPI
Infineon 20-pin TPM 2.0 Modul w S/W Managme.
TPM 2.0 Modul Infineon 20-pin w S/W Managme.
Infineon 20-pin TPM 1.2 Modul w S/W Managme.

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