uCPE/Network Appliance

uCPE/Network Appliance

A Proprietary network appliance is a specialized electronic device that plugs into a network that is optimized for one specialized network purpose like switching, routing, protecting in a network environment. Proprietary network appliances include as Router, Load Balance, Bandwidth Management, Gateway security, WAN Optimization, application delivery controller (ADC), Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Unified Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion detection system (IDS)

uCPE consists of virtual network functions (VNFs) running on a standard operating system hosted on an open server with NFV technology. Now with NFV technology, we can create several virtual machine and install these VNFs in a x86 or ARM based uCPE. VNFs could include popular software services such as a virtual firewall, virtual load-balancing, or other software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)service. Besiads with NFV Orchestration, uCPU could be an Edge computing or an AI inference computing systems.



State Datasheet Unit Price
PulM-1G4T-I350-R10 Standard Login
PUZZLE-IN004-XD2/32G/R-R10 Standard Login
PulM-1G4SF-I350-R10 Standard Login
PUZZLE-IN004-XD1/32G/R-R10 Standard Login
PUZZLE-IN004-XD3/32G/R-R10 Standard Login
PulM-10G4T-AQC107-R10 Standard Login
PulM-25G2SF-MLX-R10 Standard Login
PUZZLE-IN001-XE/16G/R-R11 Standard Login
PUZZLE-IN001-XE/R-R11 Standard Login
PUZZLE-IN002-i3T-R10 Standard Login

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