Industrial device servers are computer network devices used in industrial applications. They are used to connect machines and devices that have serial ports to an Ethernet network, allowing them to be controlled and monitored by a computer or other network component. Industrial device servers typically offer high reliability and performance to ensure stable operation even under harsh conditions. They are widely used in manufacturing, transportation and other industries where precise control of machinery and equipment is required.

With the help of our ORing device server we have the possibility to make serial devices Ethernet-capable. Our device server offers up to 8 serial ports, in combination with RJ45, fiber-optic or WLAN interfaces. Modi TCP server, TCP Client, UDP as well as Virtual COM are being supported. The scope of delivery includes a management tool with Virtual COM driver for common operating systems. 


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TDS-715 CR

Device Server/Tiny/POE/1 RS-422/485/LED
Converter/LAN to 4xRS-422/485/DB9
Converter/LAN to RS-422/485/DB9
Device Server 1xRS-232/422/485 to 2xLAN/1xWLAN
Converter/LAN to 8xRS-232/422/485/DB9
Prog Device Server/7 RS-232/1 RS-485
Converter/LAN to 16xRS-422/485/RJ45
Prog Device Server/3 RS-232/1 RS-485
Converter/LAN to 4xRS-232/422/485/DB9
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Prog Device Server/1RS-232/1-RS485
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TDS-712 CR

10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 1 x RS-232, PoE
Ethernet Gateway/1 RS-232/-422/-485/LED
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TDS-718 CR

Device Server/Tiny/POE/1x232/422/485/LED
Device Server/Modbus/TCP/2xRS232/422/485/2xLAN
Prog Device Server/7xRS-232/1xRS-485
Device Server/Tiny/POE/2 RS-232/LED
Device Server/Tiny/POE/3 RS-485/isolated
Converter/LAN to 8xRS-422/485/DB9
Device Server/Ethernet to RS-232 converter/LED
Ethernet Gateway/1 RS-232/4 RS-485
Prog Device Server/1 RS-232/RS-422/RS485
Ethernet Gateway/4 RS-232/1 RS-485/LED
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TDS-735 CR

Device Server/Tiny/POE/3 RS-422/485/LED
Converter/LAN to 2xRS-232/422/485/DB9
Ethernet Gateway/2 RS-232/1 RS-485
Converter/LAN to 16xRS-232/422/485/RJ45
Prog Device Server/1RS-232
Converter/LAN to RS-232/422/485/DB9
Converter/LAN to RS-232/422/485-Isol./DB9/RY-REED
Ethernet Gateway/1 RS-232/4 RS-485/LED
Prog Device Server/4 RS-232/1 RS-485
Converter/LAN to 16xRS-232/RJ45
Device Server/Tiny/POE/2 RS-422/485/LED
Device Server 1xRS-232/422/485 to 2xLAN
Converter/LAN to 2xRS-422/485/DB9
Device Server/Tiny/POE/3 RS-232/LED
Device Server 4xRS-232/422/485 to 2xLAN
Device Server 4xRS-422/485 to 2xPoE LAN
Device Server/Modbus/TCP/1xRS232/422/485/LAN/Fiber
Device Server 1xRS-232/422/485 to 2xPoE LAN
Device Server 16xRS-232/422/485 to 4x1000TX+2xSFP
Device Server 4xRS-232/422/485 to 2xG-LAN

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