Communication Products

Communication Products

Networking via Ethernet increasingly plays an important role in the industrial field. Whether Ethernet switches, WLAN router, access points, media converter and device server, we offer everything, you need to connect your sensors, actuators and controlling systems to and of course with industrial quality, Our network components are equipped with an extended temperature range, redundant voltage input and metal case as well as DIN rail and wall mounting options. Switches for DIN rail with 5, 8, 16 or 32 ports for fast or gigabit Ethernet with RJ45 or fiber-optic connection, unmanaged or managed with ring function and with PoE ports are among our strengths. 



State Datasheet Unit Price
IGS-182GP New Login
IMG-4312+-4G_EU New Login
IGS-RX164GP+ New Login
TGAP-6620+-M12_EU New Login
UC3414-L05EU New Login
IGAP-6620+_EU New Login
TGRS-T120-M12X-BP2-WV New Login
IGAP-610H+_EU New Login
UC3452-L05EU New Login
IGPMC-111GP-BT-24V New Login

Additional information about Communication Products

Network technology plays a decisive role in the industrial environment. Usually, a connection between individual components is established via LAN. Data is transmitted via RJ45 Ethernet cable or fiber optic cable (FO) connection. If necessary, a router provides a secure connection to the Internet.

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