Automation Technology

Automation Technology

For measurement and automation technology, we offer PCI and PCIe add on cards, as well as RS-485 and Ethernet IO-Modules for the PC-based measurement data acquisition and controlling. Interface converter and autonomous automation controller complete our range. Whether you are using MQTT, Modbus RTU/TCP, CANopen, DeviceNet or profibus, our products support all of these products. Additionally, you receive diverse drivers to connect with familiar software packages as well as sample programs for the integration in own software solutions.



State Datasheet Unit Price
WP-5141-EN-CR Standard Login
I-7043D-CR Standard Login
M-7017RC-G-CR Standard Login
I-7018P-CR Standard Login
I-87058-CR Standard Login
I-7188/512 CR Standard Login
M-7065-G CR Standard Login
I-7017R-CR Standard Login
ET-7018Z/S2-CR Standard Login
I-87018ZW-G/S-CR Standard Login

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